The Cazbar, established in 2006, is the Washington/Baltimore Area's finest Turkish Restaurant.  With food, atmosphere, & entertainment served in authentic Turkish style.  Cazbar is
sure to provide a thoroughly exotic & enchanting dining experience.  Join us and be our Guest at our Baltimore or Columbia locations!

Belly Dancing Shows

Join us every Fridays & Saturdays at 9:00pm, for the most captivating Belly Dancing shows outside of Turkey!

Catering & Banquets

Should you wish to enjoy our authentic Turkish cuisine at your business establishment or make reservations in our banquet rooms, we will gladly cater business events & celebrations.  Our catering menu is sure to create an unforgettable dining experience for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or intimate gatherings of friends.  This menu is available online at www.cazbar.pro or scan the QR code at the bottom of this page.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Program

Gift Cards are available for purchase in any desired amount.  Our Loyalty Rewards Program can be joined by downloading our app from your mobile phones app staore and you can start earning rewards and getting member deals.   

Allergies & Vegan Options

We strive to accommodate all food allergies & references. Please inform your server & they will gladly guide you through our menu selections.  In addition, we offer vegan substitutions for many of our favorite dishes upon request.


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Cash

 We will gladly accept split payments of up to 4 splits per table.


20% gratuity added to groups of 6 or more

Download and Join our new Rewards Program  on your Phone or Desktop

Desktop Users - https://ordering.incentivio.com/client/986e3de9-05c6-4eba-8d84-38eb6efab8d7/store/

Android User - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ce.android.brand.cazbar

iphone Users -  http://appstore.com/cazbar

Welcome Back Home! 

As we welcome you back to our home, we wanted to communicate some changes to our operations pertaining to Covid-19.  We want to also welcome back our professional service, support and kitchen staff and want to maintain safety for them as well as you.

We have instituted a rigorous daily sanitation process and have gone through countless hours of training with all of our staff members to ensure we are healthy.  We want you to rest assured that we are staying up to date with all current mandates and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and our state and local health departments.    Our goal is to get through this unprecedented time together safely.

All guest who have been vaccinated are now welcome to visit us without a mask. 

Store Hours

Columbia Daily 11am to 10pm

Baltimore Location is closed for Renovation.

We continue to offer Contact-Less Delivery and Curb-Side Pickup

We ask that all guest wear face mask while entering, leaving and visiting the rest rooms.

We are offering Kolonya, an 80 proof hand sanitizer, throughout your stay with us and recommend using it upon arrive.

With the abundance of space at both of our locations, we will ensure ample space between seating and will gladly move your group to another table if desired. 

Your satisfaction and safety are our main concerns.  Again, Welcome Back Home!

We Welcome everyone to be our Guest!

Abkhaz                        Бзиала шәаабеит

Adyghe                        Къеблагъ    Шъукъеблагъ

Afrikaans                   Welkom

Akkadian                    ḫaṣānu

Aklan                            Mayad-ayad nga pad-abot

Albanian                      Mir se vjên

Albanian                     Mirë se vjen

Aleut                            Qaĝaasakung huzuu haqakux̂

Alsatian                     Wellkumma

Altay                             Эзендер

Amharic                     እንኳን ደህና መጣህ።   (ənkwan dähna mäṭṭah) 

Arabic(Egyptian)   (ahlan wa sahlan) أهلاً و سهلاً

Arabic(Lebanese) Ahla w sahla

Arabic(Modern Standard)         (ahlan wa sahlan) أهلاً و سهلاً

Arabic(Moroccan)            (mrehba) مرحابة

Arabic (Oman)                   السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Aragonese                            Bienveniu

Armenian(Eastern)         Բարի գալուստ! (Bari galu'st)

Armenian(Western)      Բարի՜ եկաք: (Pari yegak)

Aromanian                         Ghini vinit! 

Assamese                           আদৰণি (adôrôni)

Asturian                              Bienveníu

Atikamekw                       Miro peicak

Azerbaijani                      Xoş gəlmişsiniz!

Balinese                             Rahajeng rauh

Bambara                          Idanse

Banjar                               Salamat datang

Bashkir                             Сәләм бирем!(Säläm biryem!)

Basque                              Ongi etorri

Batak (Toba)                  Menjuah-juah!

Bavarian                         Še das d' kemma bisd

Belarusian                      Вiтаем (Vitajem)    Прывiтанне (Pryvitańnie) 

Bemba                              Mwaiseni

Bengali                             স্বাগতম (Sbagôtôm)

Bhojpuri                         आईं ना (aain naa)

Bikol                                 Maugmang Pag-abot

Bislama                          Welkam

Bosnian                         Dobrodošli

Breton                           Degemer mat

Bulgarian                    Добре дошъл(Dobre došãl)

Burmese                     ကြိုဆိုပါတယ် (kyaosopartaal)

Catalan                        Benvingut

Cebuano                     Maayong pag-abot

Central Dusun        Kopisanangan do kinorikatan

Chabacano de Cavite                      Bienvenida

Chabacano de Zamboanga          Bienvenido

Chamorro                    (Guam dialect)  Bien binidu

Chamorro                    (North Marianas dialect) Bienbenidu

Chechen                     Марша вагIийла хьо (Marşa vaġiyla ẋo) 

Cherokee                    ᎤᎵᎮᎵᏍᏗ (Ulihelisdi)

Chinese(Cantonese)       歡迎 (fùnyìhng)

Chinese(Hakka)                 歡迎 (fon2 ngiang2)

Chinese(Mandarin)        歡迎光臨 [欢迎光临] (huānyíng guānglín)

Chinese(Shanghainese)          欢迎 (hueugnin)

Chinese(Taiwanese)                   歡迎光臨 (hoan-gêng kong-lîm)

Chipewyan                         Hóʔą ("there's room")

Cimbrian                              Boolkhent!

Coastal Kadazan             Kopivosian do kinoikatan

Cornish                                 Dynnargh dhis

Cree                                      ᑕᐋᐧᐤ (Tawâw)

Cuyonon                             Malipayeng Pag-abot!

Czech                                    Vítej 

Danish                                  Velkommen

Dari                                       (Salâm) سلام

Dholuo                                Ajolo in

Dutch                                    Welkom

Dzongkha                       Chamba lekso

Efik                                        Emedi

Elfdalian                         Welkumin

English (British)           Welcome

Estonian                         Tere tulemast

Ewe                                   Woé zɔ 

Extremaduran            Bienveníu, -a

Faroese                         Vælkomin

Fijian                                Bula

Finnish                          Tervetuloa

French                          Bienvenue

Frisian (North)        Wäljkiimen

Frisian (Saterland)       Wäilkuumen

Frisian (West)                Wolkom

Friulian                             Agradît

Fula (Fulfulde)              A ja66aama

Galician                             Benvido

Garhwali                           सुऔण

Garifuna             Buiti achüluruni

Gascon                Adiu

German              Willkommen

Georgian            კეთილი იყოს თქვენი(k’etili iq’os tkveni)

Greek (Ancient)             Ἀσπάζομαι! (Aspádzomai)

Greek (Modern)              Καλώς Ορίσατε (Kalós orísate) - frm

Greenlandic                       Tikilluarit

Guaraní                                 Eguahé porá

Gujarati                                  પધારો (padhaaro)

Haitian Creole                   Byen venu

Hausa                                   Sannu da zuwa

Hawaiian                            Aloha

Hebrew                             (baruch haba)   ברוך הבא

Herero                              Wayakurua

Hiligaynon                      Dayón

Hindi                                 स्वागत (svāgat)

Hmong (White)         Zoo siab txais tos!

Hungarian                     Üdvözlet

Iban                                  Selamat datai

Icelandic                     Velkomin

Igbo                              Nnọọ

Iloko                          Naragsak nga Isasanbay

Indonesian             Selamat datang

Iñupiaq                     Qaimarutin

Inuktitut                 ᑐᙵᓱ (Tunngahugit/Tunngasugit)

Irish (Gaelic)          Fáilte

Italian                       Benvenuto

Jamaican                Welcome

Japanese                ようこそ (yōkoso)

Javanese             ꦱꦸꦒꦼꦁꦫꦮꦸꦃ(Sugeng rawuh) (Kromo Inggil)

Jenesch                 Voschata

Jèrriais               Séyiz les beinv'nu(e)(s)!

Kalmyk              Ирхитн эрҗәнәвидн (Irxitn erjänävidn)

Kannada            ಸುಸ್ವಾಗತ (susvāgata)

Kaqchikel          A' cha pe

Kashubian         Witôj (sg)

Kazakh              Қош келдіңіз! (Qoş, keldiñiz!)

Khmer               សូម​ស្វាគមន៍ (som svakôm)

Khoekhoe (Nama)           ǁKhoreǁhare

Kinyarwanda                  Murakaza neza

Kiribati                              Mauri

Korean                              환영합니다 (hwangyong-hamnida)

Kumyk                              Хош гелдигиз(Хoş geldigiz)

Kurdish (Kurmanji)     Tu be xér hatî ye

Kurdish (Sorani)             Bi xêr bî

Kyrgyz                                   Кош келиңиз! (Kosh kelingiz!)

Ladino                                   (Baruh abá) ברוך הבא

Lakota Sioux                      Taŋyáŋ yahí

Lao                                            ຍິນດີຕ້ອນຮັບ (nyín dee)

Latin                                         Salve

Latvian                                  Laipni lūdzam

Laz                                            კაი მოხთით (Ǩai moxtit)

Lezgi                                     Хвашгелди! (Xwashgeldi!)

Limburgish                        Wilkóm

Lingala                                  Boyei bolamu

Lithuanian                          Sveiki atvykę

Low Saxon                          Willkamen

Lozi                                       Mu amuhezwi

Luganda                             Tukusanyukidde 

Luxembourgish              Wëllkomm

Macedonian                       Добредојде (Dobredojde)

Magahi                                 आवा /a:va:/

Maithili                                 Swagatam

Malagasy                           Tonga soa 

Malay                                   Selamat datang

Malayalam                     സ്വാഗതം (swagatam)

Maldivian                       (Maruhabaa) މަރުޙަބާ

Maltese                          Merħba

Mam                             B’a’ntulena

Manx (Gaelic)         Failt ort 

Māori                        Haere mai

Marathi                     तुमचं स्वागत असो(tumcha svāgat aso)

Marshallese           Karuwainene

Mazandarani         (Xeś bemuni) خش به‌مونی

Míkmaq                  Pjila’si 

Monégasque      Benvegnüu

Mongolian             Тавтай морилогтун (tavtai morilogtun)

Mossi                        Ne y kena

Mozarabic          (Bien venito / Bien venita) بين بنيت

Nahuatl                 Ximopanōltih

Navajo                  Yá'át'ééh

Ndebele (Northern - Zimbabwe)         Siyalemukela

Ndebele (Southern)                                    Siyalemukela

Nepali                                           स्वागतम् (swagatam)

Newari / Nepal Bhasa        लसकुस

Nogai                                            Хош келдинъиз!

Northern Sámi                       Bures boahtin

Northern Sotho                     Re a go amogela

Norwegian                                 Velkommen

Occitan                                         Benvengut!

Okinawan                                   めんそーれー (mensooree)

Omaha                                          Údoⁿ thatʰí te

Oriya                                             ସ୍ବାଗତ (Sbāgata)

Ossetian                                     Æгас нæм цу цæут(Ægas næm cu cæut)

Papiamento                           Bon bini

Pashto                                      (pakheyr) پخير‏

Pennsylvania German / Dutch        Willkumm

Persian (Farsi)                                             (khosh amadid) خوش آمدید

Polish                                                                Witam Cię 

Portuguese                                                    Bem-vindo 

Portuguese (Brazilian)                        Bem-vindo 

Punjabi                                                         ਜੀ ਆਇਆ ਨੂੰ। / جی آیاں نُوں (jī āiā nū̃)

Quechua                                                    Haykuykuy! 

Rapa Nui                                                    Koho-mai

Romani                                                     T'aves baxtalo

Romanian                                              Bine ai venit

Romansh                                                Bainvegni

Russian                                                     Добро пожаловать! (Dobro požalovat'!)

Rusyn                                                        Приємаєме (Pryjemajeme)

Sakha                                                        Нөрүөн нөргүй! (Nøryøn nørguj)

Samala (Ineseño)                                ka ščʰo ha paktina

Samoan                                                     Afio mai

Sango                                                        Nzoni gango

Sanskrit                                                 स्वागतम् (svāgatam)

Sardinian (Logudorese)                 Ennidos

Scots                                                         Wylcome

Scottish Gaelic                                   Fàilte

Serbian                                                     Добродошли (Dobrodošli!)

Sesotho                                                     Kena ka kgotso!

Shona                                                           Mauya

Sicilian                                                          Bon vinutu

Sinhala                                                      සාදරයෙන් පිලිගන්නවා (sadarayen piligannawa)

Slovak                                                       Vitaj (sg/inf)

Slovenian                                               Dobrodošli

Somali                                                      Soo dhowow

Sorbian (Lower)                                 Witaj

Sorbian (Upper)                                 Witaj

Spanish                                                 Bienvenido

Sundanese                                         Wilujeng sumping

Swahili                                                  Karibu

Swazi                                                    Wemukelekile 

Swedish                                              Välkommen

Swiss German                                Wilkomme

Tagalog                                                 Maligayang pagdating

Tahitian                                              Maeva

Tajik                                                  Хуш омадед (Huš omaded)

Tamil                                                வாருங்கள் (vaarungal) 

Tatar                                             Räxim itegez

Telugu                                          సుస్వాగతం (susvaagatam)

Tetum                                               Ksolok Bodik Mai

Thai                                               ยินดีต้อนรับ (yin dee dtôn ráp)

Tibetan                                         ཕེབས་པར་དགའ་བསུ་ཞུ། (heb-bar kaa-su-shu)

Tigrinya                                     መርሓባ (merhaba)

Tokelauan                                  Ulu tons mai

Tok Pisin                                    Welkam

Tongan                                         Talitali fiefia

Tsonga                                      Hami amukela

Tsotsil                                       Lek oy li la tale

Tswana                                     O amogetswe 

Tumbuka                                Tempokani

Turkish                                      Hoş geldin

Turkmen                                 Koş geldiniz

Tuvaluan                                Ulufale mai!

Twi                                            Akwaaba

Tz'utujil                                 Utz epejtiik

Ukrainian                             Ласкаво просимо (Laskavo prosymo)

Urdu                                     (khush āmdīd) خوش آمديد

Uyghur                             قارشى ئالىمى (Qarshi alımız!)

Uzbek                                   Xush kelibsiz

Venetian                            Benvignùo

Veps                                      Tervhen tuldes

Vietnamese                        Hoan nghênh

Võro                                      Tere tulõmast

Walloon                                 Benvnuwe

Welsh                                   Croeso

Westrobothnian            Velkömmun

Wolof                                   Merhbe

Xhosa                                    Wamkelekile

Yiddish                                                          (Borekh-Habo) ברוך־הבא

Yolngu                                                          Märr-ŋamathirri

Yoruba                                      Ẹ ku abọ

Yucatec Maya                    Kíimak 'oolal

Zazaki                                   Ti be xêr amê  

Zulu                                      Ngiyakwemukela